Tebmar Decoration is establishing itself as being amongst the leading providers in the field of turnkey interiors, partitions, ceilings & Cabinetry. Our strength is offering a speedy service, yet still ensuring an unsurpassed quality. This is why we are gaining reputation as being the company you can always rely on.
How we are different?
At TEBMAR we firmly believe that successful designs must be rooted in the characteristics unique to each project and we work tirelessly to create highly individualized aesthetic results for our discerning clientele. we do not subscribe to a singular style, but rather to a design philosophy which recognizes that no two projects are alike.
Design is about communication, creativity and problem solving, Guided by the goals and aspirations of the clients, we approach each project with a fresh perspective that draws from the past to inspire the present and inform the future. We believe that the most successful designs are achieved through collaboration and innovation.
Construction is about quality, time and committment. Keeping this baseline, urged full utilization of the most advanced Project managemnt Techniques to ensure smooth progress, maintaining the highest quality and cost control.
We count on the courteous respect to our clients, through excellent communication and careful listening, with the highest commitment, to reach the best satisfactory and sustainable designs.
Customer Service
Our quick response to client queries and prompt follow-through have always been our imperative objective and domineerig goal to be ahead of our customer needs. We care to keep our clients fully aware of their actual progress on site through clear, informative reports showing the up to date status, against their target baseline.
TEBMAR team has nearly a decade of experience in various levels of interior design services for commercial and residential projects. This is embraced by the Consultancy Certificate granted to us for the execution of major projects.
We are very conscious of sustainability with commitment to provide design recommendations that are mindful of our environment. We are in pursuit of design solutions that are not only attractive, appropriate and cost effective, but also environmentally friendly.
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Saraya Mall, Sheikh Zayed, Beside Saudi Market G2-04 Egypt